two or more solo voices

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April is in my mistress' face

madrigal for two-part choir SS (or two vocal soloists) and piano

Christmas Bicinia (two-part carols)

a series of Christmas carols, melody and countermelody, for any two voices or instruments

A Christmas Round

multi-lingual round for voices, accompanied

Edo Lullaby

arrangement of the traditional Japanese lullaby for two voices and string trio (or for children's choir and piano)

Folksongs for 3-part voices

a series of folksongs and traditional melodies arranged for three-part unaccompanied voices

Glad that I live am I

for solo voice, vocal duet, or choir

Good King Wenceslas

arrangement of the traditional carol for unison or two-part voices and piano


musical game, round, exercise or performance piece

The Hypochondriac

incidental music for flutes, oboe, harpsichord, voices

I give you the end of a golden string

for four solo voices and/or choir SATB

I'm a wise and charming animal

a song from Just So: Tegumai's Tales (an opera-musical for all ages) - could be performed as a vocal solo, a vocal duet, or by a children's choir (children "of all ages"!)

The Last Supper [from The Christ]

for soprano, tenor and bass solo voices, accompanied by string quartet

Mass for Two Voices

Latin mass setting for two voices, unaccompanied

Mr Noah's Packing List

for children's voices and accompaniment

Music to hear

song for high voices (two-part) and accompaniment

Nursery Rhyme Terzettini

traditional children's songs in three-part arrangements - for any instruments/voices

Take me to the woods

unaccompanied vocal duet (for soprano and alto, or alto and tenor) 

The Three Kings

for four voices (choir and/or solos)

The Three Ravens

arrangement of the English folksong for three male voices (tenor, baritone, bass)

The Water of Tyne [arrangement]

arrangement of the folksong for voice and piano, or for two voices and piano

Wish You Were Here

a flexible piece for any number of players and/or singers