Rainbow Toccatas
Fantasy-Sonata Over the Rainbow, new versions of Beatles tunes, Mostly Bach's Toccata and Fugue, and original compositions

live concert recording of Paul's re-written version of Handel's Messiah

chamber organ music by Handel and by many other composers inspired by his genius

4 A Wreck and other works
live concert recording featuring James Bowman, counter-tenor, and Queldryk Chamber Choir

live concert recording featuring Mark Wilde, tenor, and the sopranos and altos of the Queldryk Chamber Choir

ostinato organ music by Bach, Buxtehude, Willan, Lloyd Webber and others

Experience the music of Paul Ayres
live concert recording featuring Queldryk Chamber Choir

Music of the Fuchsia
a short debut recording (6 tracks) of the voice and piano duo

The Christ
double-CD live concert recording of Paul Ayres's oratorio

Ealing Youth Choir
sing music by Monteverdi, and Christmas music arranged by Paul Ayres

other CDs
including Paul's works, and/or featuring Paul as performer