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YouTube preview of the entire album (demo mix)


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...Written with practicality in mind, Ayres’s anthems are all about generous simplicity: big, juicy unison lines, warm three- or four-part homophony and affirmative, tonal-with-a-scrunch harmonies. They cry out for a school or college choir of hundreds but are nicely showcased by the leaner Selwyn Choir, who have a more ingenuous, youthful sound than their rivals Clare or Trinity that’s well suited to the material. Works like A new commandment, This is the day and When the song of the angels is stilled demonstrate Ayres’s range and his instinct for a graceful melody – choirs of all abilities can find something within their grasp... This joyful Eastertide gets a lovely, light-footed treatment, and there’s a geeky pleasure to Ayres’s Bach-inspired Crimond reimagining... 


...many of these pieces are beautifully written for voices, clearly making them singable yet something of a challenge, so ultimately satisfying for performers and audience... lyrical voice and imaginative part writing... the voice that comes over is appealing and engaging, many of the works sound eminently performable (and most are available through Paul Ayres' website), and so should appeal to choirs of all sizes and standards...

Planet Hugill


track listing



When I consider thy heavens - catalogue link - youtube link

The Lord my shepherd is - catalogue link - youtube link

Crimond (The Lord's my shepherd) - catalogue link - youtube link

The Lord my pasture shall prepare - catalogue link - youtube link

This is the day - catalogue link - youtube link

Be thou my vision - catalogue link - youtube link

Grant O God Thy protection - catalogue link - youtube link

This joyful Eastertide - catalogue link - youtube link

Let all mortal flesh keep silence - catalogue link - youtube link

A new commandment - catalogue link - youtube link

Didn't my Lord deliver - catalogue link - youtube link

Go down Moses - catalogue link - youtube link

Motherless Child - catalogue link - youtube link

Deep River - catalogue link - youtube link

Joshua fought the battle of Jericho - catalogue link - youtube link

On this mountain - catalogue link - youtube link

God be in my head - catalogue link - youtube link

Quanto sei bella - catalogue link - youtube link

The angel Gabriel - catalogue link - youtube link

Go tell it on the mountain - catalogue link - youtube link

When the song of the angels is stilled - catalogue link - youtube link

Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs - catalogue link - youtube link