Christmas Bicinia (two-part carols)

  • a series of Christmas carols, melody and countermelody, for any two voices or instruments

  • Duration flexible


These two-part carols, Christmas Bicinia, could - with suitable transpositions - be performed by any pair of instruments or voices: soprano and violin, or two trumpets, or flute and clarinet, or two-part children's choir, or cello and bassoon, or counter-tenor and lute... My hope is that the settings might work well in a variety of contexts: in concerts, recitals, carol services, or as teaching pieces, sight-reading exercises, duets between teacher and pupil, etc. Each bicinium has an unaltered carol melody in one part (voice), complemented by a new counter-melody in the other. It is a challenge to any composer or arranger to try to create a musically-satisfying result within the confines of two-part counterpoint, and one that has brought me great enjoyment! Christmas Bicinia is an ongoing series, I'm always adding more...



sheet music (PDF with permission to print or download) available from via this website: GBP 9.00