solo voice with ensemble

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song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and string trio

The Cloths of Heaven

for soprano voice, oboe (or clarinet, or saxophone, or violin, or viola) and piano


classical cabaret song for (female) voice with flute, clarinet, cello, accordeon and piano

For I will consider my cat Jeoffry

passacaglia for solo voice and accompaniment (string quartet, or piano, or organ)

The Hypochondriac

incidental music for flutes, oboe, harpsichord, voices

It had to be you

arrangement of the Isham Jones song for soprano voice, flute and cello


for unison children's choir, or solo voice, string quartet and oboe


a re-written version of Handel's Messiah - a work-in-progress

But who may abide the day of His coming? (from Messyah)

for bass or alto voice and strings

How beautiful are the feet of Him (from Messyah)

for solo voice, solo instrument and accompaniment

I know that my Redeemer liveth (from Messyah)

a re-written version of Handel's aria from Messiah - starts traditionally - then changes to Gospel style...

Rejoice greatly (from Messyah)

for solo voice and accompaniment 

Monteverdi - Ave maris stella

plainsong, arranged by Monteverdi, arranged by Paul Ayres for soprano voice, clarinet and piano

Music for a While (Fuchsia version)

song for voice and piano 

Nursery Rhyme Terzettini

traditional children's songs in three-part arrangements - for any instruments/voices

O pray for the peace of Jerusalem [solo vocal version]

for solo alto, cello and organ


incidental music for violin, clarinet, piano and voice

The Shower

for soprano voice, flute or oboe, viola, cello

Touching all things with her alchemy

for soprano voice, clarinet and piano