Edo Lullaby

  • arrangement of the traditional Japanese lullaby for two voices and string trio (or for children's choir and piano)

  • Duration 4' 25"




choral photocopying licence for sale from this website
up to 25 copies for GBP30.00 or USD60.00
up to 50 copies for GBP35.00 or USD70.00
up to 100 copies for GBP40.00 or USD80.00

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transliteration to English
Nen-nen korori yo, Okorori yo,
Bo(u)ya wa yoi ko da, Nenne shina.
Bo(u)ya no omori wa, Doko e itta?
Ano yama koete, Sato e itta.
Sato no miyage ni, Nani morouta?
Den-den taiko ni, Sho(u) no fue.

Hush hush, you are a good boy,
so sleep tight.
Where has your nanny gone?
Over the mountains to her home town.
What has she given you?
A little rattle and a flute.