solo piano

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Two-Part Variations on Axel F

for piano 


for piano

Covidea II

for keyboard, or for any three instruments

The Departure of the Queen of Sheba [piano]

a short piece for solo piano inspired by Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Fancy on Beatles tunes

for piano

Toccatina on Here Comes the Sun [organ]

for organ (manuals only)

Toccatina on Here Comes the Sun [piano]

for piano 


for piano duet


for piano

Pentatonic Pattern

for any instrument (particularly suitable for keyboard or stringed instrument)

Piano Mews

short piece for piano 

Piano Piece

for solo piano (!)

Prelude: GBH on GFH

for any instrument(s)

Two-Part Inventions on Nursery Rhymes

for one keyboard instrument, or for any two melody instruments