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The Crab That Played With The Sea

mini-musical/opera for all ages

Darius and Alexander

children's songs - a mini-musical

I'm a wise and charming animal

a song from Just So: Tegumai's Tales (an opera-musical for all ages) - could be performed as a vocal solo, a vocal duet, or by a children's choir (children "of all ages"!)

Just So: Tegumai's Tales

Tegumai's Tales: a musical/opera for all ages, based on Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

Listen to the River

a children's musical, loosely inspired by John Ruskin story

Master Kangaroo

a mini musical/opera for all ages

The Princess and the Goblin

musical for children and adults, based on George Macdonald's classic fairy-tale


children's musical, based on some of the stories in the Tales of 1001 Nights