Trio on Ich steh' and Hey Jude [strings]

  • for strings (two violins and cello, or three cellos)

  • Duration 5'

this instrumental trio (any three suitable instruments, e.g. violin-viola-cello, or oboe-clarinet-bassoon) uses the Sinfonia of the Cantata Ich steh' mit einem Fuß im Grabe by J S Bach (BWV 156) (which also appears as the second movement of his Concerto BWV 1056), and Hey Jude (1968) by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, taking the listener on a journey, as they say, "from Bach to the Beatles" 


sheet music (PDF master score with permission to print or download an authorised number of copies) available via this website: GBP 8.00 per print-out

Copyright status: for distributing this work (as with other Beatles songs) Paul has a copyright licence from Music Sales Ltd, authorising self-publication of this title, via this website. The territory of the licence is "World excluding North American and Japan". Musicians in Canada, Japan, Mexico and the USA should buy Paul's arrangement via SheetMusicPlus, at these links: 

edition for two violins and cello

edition for three cellos

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