The Choral Cwiz


I've put together this series of videos in the hope that they might appeal to people like me: choral nerds and quiz addicts, with perhaps just a little bit too much time on our hands... - Paul Ayres (May 2021)

There are 12 videos in the series, each of which lasts 5-10 minutes, contains 10 questions, and concludes with a "mystery theme tune".

The subject area is, with a few occasional exceptions: "mainstream Western European classical choral music, 1500-2000"

Need more time between the question and the answer? That's the advantage of YouTube - just press pause.

Need less time, because the questions are too easy? Fast-forward...

They are absolutely free of charge to watch - subscriptions to Paul's YouTube channel ( are very welcome, but not compulsory.

written & presented by Paul Ayres (

filmed & edited by Arthur Ayres (

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round 1 - beginnings

Can you identify a choral piece just by hearing its first chord, or first note? Yes, we're playing Name That Tune: choir edition!

play round 1 on youtube


round 2 - connections

What's the connection between four things, in the world of choral music? Award yourself maximum points if you know what the connection will be, having only heard the first item!

play round 2 on youtube


round 3 - words 

In which choral piece would you sing this rather unusual word? Examples include "felicity" and "haddock"...

play round 3 on youtube


[link to Paul's choral piece I stand upon the seashore]


round 4 - titles

Can you name the title of a choral piece, by seeing its initials? If ZTP is too easy, what about HUMUTUL?

play round 4 on youtube 


round 5 - covers 

Can you tell what this music is, by a close-up photograph of its distinctive cover? You may be at an advantage here if you've sung in traditional English choirs...

play round 5 on youtube


round 6 - middles

Can you name this piece, by hearing a "special moment" chord it features? There may, of course, be more than one right answer...

play round 6 on youtube


[link to Paul's piano duet Mostly Bach's Toccata and Fugue]


round 7 - sequences

What comes fourth in this sequence? A round whose format has unashamedly been nicked from Only Connect! 

play round 7 on youtube


round 8 - cryptics

Do you love cryptic crossword-style clues? Hints will be given!

play round 8 on youtube


round 9 - instructions

In which choral piece will you read the wonderful phrase "light-calibre baritones", or that a vocal line "must not be sung by a woman" (!), or that "this version should only be attempted by good choirs" (!!)? Ouch.

play round 9 on youtube


[link to Paul's arrangement of The Holly and the Ivy]


round 10 - links

Can you spot the link between four things in the world of choral music? Connections in this round may be annoyingly tangential - and that's what makes it fun... 

play round 10 on youtube


round 11 - lightbulbs 

How many sopranos, altos, tenors, basses, conductors, accompanists, etc, does it take to change a lightbulb? Groan-worthy jokes from the virtual post-rehearsal pub, some of which you may have heard before, but some of which may even be new.

play round 11 on youtube


round 12 - endings 

Can you identify ten choral pieces via their final cadences?

play round 12 on youtube



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