commissioning new music from Paul Ayres


Paul is happy to hear from anyone with proposal for commissions, or ideas for new works - please contact him 

please note the standard "terms and conditions" below

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standard "terms and conditions" for a Paul Ayres commission

a commission will usually include

Composition of the work.
Production of one "master" score, with instrumental and vocal parts as necessary - provided as PDF files.
Reserved rights to the first performance.

a commission will usually *not* include

Any fees to poets/lyricists/librettists, or any fees to third-party copyright holders.
Photocopying, binding or physical manufacture of scores and parts.
Any expenses of the production/performance, once the work has been written.
Any rehearsal/performance work (eg taking rehearsals, conducting, accompanying, producing note-learning discs/files).
Permission to re-sell or hire written material to other groups.
Permission to produce and sell recordings of the performance.

please note

Copyright of the music remains with the composer.
After the premiere, the composer is free to disseminate, promote, edit and alter the work in any way.