Hymnus Amoris

  • cantata for choir SATB divisi, 2-part children's choir, piano, cello, trumpet and bass guitar

  • Duration 10'


by Axel Olrik

This work was selected as a finalist in the Richard Gregson-Williams Memorial Prize 1996


Latin text by Axel Olrik (the same one as that used by Carl Nielsen)

Amor mihi vitam donat,
adolesco in fasciis eius,
et quotidie me gaudio saturat.

Amor tibi vitam dedit,
adolescis in fasciis eius,
et quotidie to gaudio saturat.

Amor est votum meum et desiderium,
prae lucet mihi instar sideris,
plenitudinem eius semper quaero.

Amor est fons meus,
virtus supere ripas eius floret.
Amor est robur meum.

Amor est dolor meus,
nil me altius vulneravit,
nil tamen carius.

Amor est pax mea,
est aurora mea vesperi,
opes mihi largitus, ut ipse largiar.

Lucis fons ex humili,
altrae terrae fulgur,
mille fracta radiis mira fax divina!

Ecce! Audite! Coeli cantus
terrae campi resonant
lucis sublimes regiones
vox amoris personat.

Amor vitam dedit,
replet desideria,
scaturigo est virtutis,
pax amoris nomen est.

Lucis fons ex humili,
igne splendet coeli.
Amor alme, unice.
Ave! Tibi grates! Amor!

[roughly translates as:]

Love gives me life,
and I grow under its guidance,
every day it fills me with joy.

Love gave you life,
you grow under its guidance,
every day it fills you with joy.

Love is my craving and my desire,
it shines for me like a guiding star,
forever I seek its fulfilment.

Love is my spring,
and valour grows on its banks.
Love is my strength.

Love is my grief,
nothing has hurt me as much,
yet it is so precious to me.

Love is my peace,
it is my sunset,
and it gave me riches enough to distribute from.

Bursts of light from the depths,
lightning from the dark earth,
broken into millions of rays,
divine fire and wondrous!

Hark! Hark! Heavenly music
resounding over earthly field,
lifted up to the realms of light
the song of love is heard.

Love gave me life,
still desires,
is a source of strength,
peace is the name of love.

Bursts of light from the depths,
purified by heaven's fire.
Love, complete, unique.
Hail! Thankyou! Love!