Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake

  • arrangement of the nineteenth-century comic song for choir

  • Duration 3' 30"


sheet music (PDF master score with permission to print or download an authorised number of copies) available via this website: GBP 1.50 per print-out


[text has been slightly adapted from the original publication]

[verse 1]
As I sat by my window last evening,
The letter-man brought unto me
A little gilt-edged invitation,
Saying, "Please do come over for tea."
Sure I knew that the Fogartys sent it,
So I went just for old friendship's sake,
And the first thing they gave me to tackle
Was a slice of Miss Fogarty's cake.
There was plums and prunes and cherries,
And citron and raisins and cinnamon too,
There was nutmeg, cloves and berries,
And the crust it was nailed on with glue,
There was carroway seeds in abundance,
Sure 'twould build up a fine stomach ache,
You could kill a man twice
After eating a slice
Of Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake.
[verse 2]
Miss Mulligan wanted to taste it,
But really there wasn't no use,
They worked at it over an hour
And they couldn't get none of it loose,
Till Fogarty went for the hatchet,
And Killy came in with a saw,
Oh that cake was enough, by the powers,
To paralyze any man's jaw.
There was plums and prunes and cherries... [etc]
[verse 3] [slower]
Maloney was took with the colic,
McNulty complained of his head,
McFadden lay down on the sofa
And swore that he wished he was dead,
Miss Daly fell down in hysterics,
And there she did wriggle and shake,
While every man swore he was poisoned
Through eating Miss Fogarty's cake.
There was plums and prunes and cherries... [etc]