The Harmony of Heaven and Earth

  • a three-movement work for SATB choir, piano and handbells

  • Duration 16'

commissioned by Marquette Choral Society, Michigan, Dr Floyd Slotterback, conductor, in honor of his 40 years of teaching

the movements can be performed in sequence, or as separate items - they are:

I – To God ye choir above
words by Philip Skelton (1707–1787)
set for SATB and piano (handbells tacet)
duration 8' 15"

II – Let us with a gladsome mind
words by John Milton (1608–1674)
set for SATB and handbells (piano tacet)
duration 3' 30"

III – We sing to Him
Nathaniel Ingelo (1620/21–1683)
set for SATB and piano and handbells
duration 3' 45"

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The three movements begin with these words...

I - To God, ye choir above, begin / A hymn so loud and strong / That all the universe may hear / And join the grateful song...

II - Let us, with a gladsome mind / Praise the Lord, for He is kind / For His mercies aye endure / Ever faithful, ever sure...

III - We sing to Him whose wisdom formed the ear / Our songs let Him who gave us voices, hear / We joy in God who is the spring of mirth / Who loves the harmony of heaven and earth...