The Path of Childhood

  • for choir SSATB

  • Duration 2' 30"


by Margot Arthurton

commissioned for the christening of Niamh Cecile Crisp, 2000


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Grow, Child, grow
Crouch not in sorrow shades of darker woe
but joyous stand and blossom in the sun
Take life's small essence gently in your hand
And, as it leavens with the warmth of love
Watch wonderingly, that you may understand.

Play, Child, play
Shy though you be, hide not your face away
But carry life-light in your smiling eyes
That it may shine upon your traveling
And so reveal, in detail bright enhanced
A beacon to your path's unravelling

Go, Child, go
Into the world, for there is much to know
Life-music sounds if you have ears to hear
Its earth-beat bidding you upon your way
Pause not in fear - if you have love to give
Then life is yours for you have learned to live

copyright Margot Arthurton