Fantasia on Mission Impossible

  • classical-funk voluntary for organ, based on the Lalo Schifrin tune

  • Duration 5'

A favourable review by the composer! "I was very moved by it and enjoyed it very much. You made a great contribution to extend the possible legacy of this music" - Lalo Schifrin, 2016.


sheet music (PDF with permission to print or download) available from via this website: GBP 10.00 or USD 20.00

Clarification of sheet music price. This score is available for USD20 or GBP10. I'm aware that these amounts are not equivalent. The reason is that, as a self-publishing arranger and composer, I have two separate licences that grant me permission to distribute my version of the Mission Impossible theme. One is from Hal Leonard Corporation, for sales to the USA and Canada, under which the agreed sale price is USD20. The other is from Music Sales Ltd, authorising sales to all countries except the USA and Canada, and this agreement was based on a GBP10 retail price. So I am legally bound to only sell a permitted number of copies, at a fixed priced, to musicians in each area. If I were in control of the copyright, I would make the prices the same: this would be both fairer for the customer and administratively easier for me! I hope this explains the anomaly - Paul Ayres