Now is the month of maying

  • madrigal for double choir SATBSATB

  • Duration 2' 40"


by Thomas Morley

commissioned by Ickenham Music Festival, 1996

Performers of this work include

St Giles's Church Choir, Ickenham
Ealing Youth Choir
Ceriddion Vocal Ensemble, New York City
University of Warwick Chamber Choir
Queldryk Chamber Choir


sheet music (PDF with permission to print or download) available from via this website: GBP 1.50


Now is the month of maying,
When merry lads are playing,
Fa la la (etc)
Each with his bonny lass
Upon the greeny grass.
Fa la la (etc)

The Spring, clad all in gladness,
Doth laugh at Winter's sadness,
And to the bagpipe's sound
The nymphs tread out their ground.

Fie then! why sit we musing,
Youth's sweet delight refusing?
Say, dainty nymphs, and speak,
Shall we play barley-break?