The twelve months of the year

  • arrangement of the carol for choir SATB

  • Duration 5'


traditional French, free English translation by Paul Ayres

The twelve months of the year (Les douze mois d'l'année) is a traditional French song (words in French and in English) very similar in structure to The twelve days of Christmas - entertaining!


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(Free English translation of verse 12:)
The twelfth month of the year, what shall I give my true love?
Twelve young maidens in the hall, eleven suitors standing tall, ten milking cows, nine raging bulls, eight woolly sheep, seven greyhounds, six mad march hares, five bunny rabbits nibbling, four winter geese ascending, three woodpigeons, two turtle doves, I will give a partridge who flaps and floats and flutters, fluffy feathered flapping floating fluttering flying fancy female partridge, a-flying in the woods!